Problem installing Trac under Lighttpd+FastCGI

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I just finished configuring a Trac instance for IMAPClient. To keep page response times tolerable I'm using FastCGI.

It turns out there's a little gotcha when you serve an app at the root (ie. "/") using FastCGI with Lighttpd. It passes the wrong SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO to the app causing unexpected behaviour. The problem isn't there if the app is served from a prefix (eg. "/trac").

The problem is apparently fixed somewhere in Lighttpd 1.5 but I'm on 1.4.13 as shipped with Debian.

With Trac there is a workaround. If you modify Trac's FastCGI runner ( to correct the SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO environment variables before the rest of the app sees them, the problem is solved. Here's what my now looks like (header comments removed):

import pkg_resources

from trac import __version__ as VERSION
from trac.web.main import dispatch_request

from os import environ
import _fcgi

def application(environ, start_request):
    environ['PATH_INFO'] = environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] + environ['PATH_INFO']
    environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] = ''
    return dispatch_request(environ, start_request)

def run():

if __name__ == '__main__':
    pkg_resources.require('Trac==%s' % VERSION)

Figuring this out cost me lots of time. Hopefully this information helps someone else out.

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