IMAPClient mailing list moved to

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The IMAPClient mailing list has been hosted at Librelist for a while. It worked OK initially but the site doesn't seem to be getting much love these days. People also tend to find the "send an email to subscribe" model confusing.

After looking at a number of options, I've decided to shift the mailing list to It's a well run mailing list service which allows interaction via both the web and email. There's lots of nice bells and whistles but the main benefit I see is that it seems to be well thought out and efficient.

To join the new list or to find out more, take a look at

The change to the new mailing list is effective immediately. Please use the new one from now on. I'm going to send out invites to people who were active on the old list. IMAPClient's documentation has already been updated to reflect the change.

To ensure they aren't lost, the historical messages from the old list on will be imported into new one.

Please email me or comment here if you have any feedback about the change.