IMAPClient 3.0.0 is out

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IMAPClient 3.0.0 is out!

The big news here is that support for Python 2 - and older Python 3 versions - has been dropped. IMAPClient now support Python 3.7 and later. This allows for the removal of various compatibility shims, expands the set of Python language features that can be used and reduces testing load.

Dropping support for older Python versions has also opened up the possibility for type hints to be added throughout the code base. This is an ongoing effort although much has already been done.

With the focus on modernizing the project, there aren't many bug fixes or new features in this release. Upcoming releases will include fixes for various bugs around IDLE amongst other things.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this release, especially John Villalovos for his efforts around modernizing the code base and project infrastructure.

Note that release notes are no longer maintained in the project documentation and are instead automatically generated as part of each GitHub release. This takes advantage of GitHub's automatic release notes generation feature and uses PR labels to categorise changes.

As always, IMAPClient can be installed using pip (pip install imapclient). Full documentation is available at Read the Docs. Any bugs or feature requests should be files as GitHub Issues and any questions can be asked using GitHub Discussions.