IMAPClient 2.2.0

IMAPClient 2.2.0 is out!

The most critical change in this release is a fix to avoid an exception when creating an IMAPClient instance under Python 3.9. imaplib (used by IMAPClient internally) now supports connection timeouts and this conflicted with IMAPClient's own timeout handling.

Other highlights for this release:

  • Python 3.8 and 3.9 are now officially supported
  • Many performance improvments around string handling (thanks Carson!)
  • MULTIAPPEND and LITERAL+ support (thanks Devin Bayer)
  • SASL authentication improvements (thanks Mantas!)
  • Connection timeouts actually apply under Python 2.7 now
  • A fix around IMAP protocol parsing of numeric strings (thanks Jasper!)
  • Black has been run over the entire codebase. Black's way of formatting code is now the official way for the project.

There are many more changes in this release. See the release notes for more details. Thanks you so much to the many contributors to the project.

As always, IMAPClient can be installed using pip (pip install imapclient). Full documentation is available at Read the Docs.


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