IMAPClient 0.6 released

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IMAPClient 0.6 is finally out! Highlights:

  • Completely new response parsing code. Complex response items like BODYSTRUCTURE and ENVELOPE are now handled properly and interaction with the Gmail and MS Exchange IMAP implementations works correctly.
  • Support for the COPY command
  • Support for the XLIST extension (used by Gmail)
  • select_folder() now returns a parsed response containing all reported details about the selected folder.
  • the return value from list_folders(), list_sub_folders() and xlist_folders() now include the IMAP folder flags and folder delimiter.
  • Handling of internationalised folder names has been cleaned up. Folder names now are always returned as unicode strings.
  • Many bug fixes.

Be aware that there have been several API changes with this release. See the NEWS file for further details.

IMAPClient can be installed from PyPI (pip install imapclient) or downloaded from the IMAPClient site. As always, feedback, bug reports and patches are most welcome.

Special thanks goes to Mark Hammond. He has contributed a significant amount of code and effort to this release. Incidentally, Mark is using IMAPClient as part of the backend for the Raindrop Mozilla Labs project.