IMAPClient 0.6.1 released

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I've just released IMAPClient 0.6.1.

The only functional change in the release is that it now automatically patches imaplib's IMAP4_SSL class to fix Python Issue 5949. This is a bug that's been fixed in later Python 2.6 versions and 2.7 but still exists in Python versions that are in common use. Without fix this you may experience hangs when using SSL.

The patch is only applied if the running Python version is known to be one of the affected versions. It is applied when IMAPClient is imported.

The only other change in this release is that I've now marked IMAPClient as "production ready" on PyPI and have updated the README to match. This was prompted by a request to clarify the current status of the project and seeing that all current functionality is solid and, I don't plan to change the existing APIs in backwards-incompatible ways, I've decided to indicate the project as suitable for production use.

As always, IMAPClient can be installed from PyPI (pip install imapclient) or downloaded from the IMAPClient site. Feedback, bug reports and patches are most welcome.