Announcing IMAPClient 0.5

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It's been a long time between releases but I've just released IMAPClient 0.5.

From the NEWS file:

Folder names are now encoded and decoded transparently if required (using modified UTF-7). This means that any methods that return folder names may return unicode objects as well as normal strings [API CHANGE]. Additionally, any method that takes a folder name now accepts unicode object too. Use the folder_encode attribute to control whether encode/decoding is performed.

Unquoted folder names in server responses are now handled correctly. Thanks to Neil Martinsen-Burrell for reporting this bug.

Fixed a bug with handling of unusual characters in folder names.

Timezones are now handled correctly for datetimes passed as input and for server responses. This fixes a number of bugs with timezones. Returned datetimes are always in the client's local timezone [API CHANGE].

Many more unit tests, some using Michael Foord's excellent (

IMAPClient can be installed from PyPI using easy_install IMAPClient or downloaded from my Code page. As always, feedback and patches are most welcome.