Inbox is sponsoring IMAPClient development

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Now that they have officially launched I can happily announce that the good folks at Inbox are sponsoring the development of certain features and fixes for IMAPClient. Inbox have just released the initial version of their open source email sync engine which provides a clean REST API for dealing with email - hiding all the archaic intricacies of protocols such as IMAP and MIME. IMAPClient is used by the Inbox engine to interact with IMAP servers.

The sponsorship of IMAPClient by Inbox will help to increase the speed of IMAPClient development and all improvements will be open source, feeding directly in to trunk so that all IMAPClient users benefit. Thanks Inbox!

The first request from Inbox is to fix some unicode/bytes handling issues that crept in as part of the addition of Python 3 support. It's a non-trivial amount of work but things are going well. Watch this space...