IMAPClient 1.1.0

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IMAPClient 1.1.0 has just been released! Many thanks to the recent contributors and the project's other maintainers, Nicolas Le Manchet and Maxime Lorant. This release is full of great stuff because of them. Here's some highlights:

  • search now supports nested criteria so that more complex criteria can be expressed. IMAPClient will add parentheses in the right place. See
  • PLAIN authentication support
  • UNSELECT support
  • ENABLE support
  • UID EXPUNGE support
  • IMAP modified UTF-7 encoding/decoding now works correctly in all cases
  • the mock package is no longer installed by default (just as a test dependency)
  • many, many bug fixes

See the release notes for more details.

Much work has already gone into the 2.0 release and it won't be too far behind 1.1.0. The headline change there is reworking IMAPClient's handling of TLS.