IMAPClient 0.11

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This is a somewhat belated announcement that IMAPClient 0.11 is out (and has been for a little over a week now). Notable changes:

  • Support for raw Gmail search API when connected to Gmail's IMAP
  • ENVELOPE FETCH responses are now returned as Envelope instances. These objects are namedtuples providing convenient attribute and positional based access to envelope fields and the Date field is converted to a datetime instance.
  • BODY and BODYSTRUCTURE responses are now processed recusively so multipart sections within other multipart sections are returned correctly. NOTE: code that expects the old (broken) behaviour will need to be updated.
  • SELECT response bug fix with respect to handling of square brackets in flags

Big thanks go out to John Louis del Rosario, Naveen Nathan, Brandon Rhodes and Benjamin Morrise for their contributions towards this release.

See the NEWS.rst file and manual for more details.

IMAPClient can be installed from PyPI (pip install imapclient) or downloaded from the IMAPClient site.