Introducing Faux Maps

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Some time ago, I was looking for an idea for a small Rust project to help me get some practical experience with WebAssembly (wasm). I wanted to do something fun and whimsical and when I came across the Rust noise crate I knew I was on to something.

After much learning, iteration and procrastination, I present to you Faux Maps, a generator of random, cutesy maps.

Through the magic of WebAssembly, all the work of generating each map is done inside your browser. The web server hosting Faux Maps is not involved once the page is loaded.

I can take little credit for the actual map generation algorthm - that's all handled by the noise crate. I only selected some suitable generation parameters and colours, and wrapped it up into a WebAssembly build. The project is simple enough to be a clean reference for how to put together a Rust based WebAssembly project. I started with the excellent rust-webpack-template repo and simplified all aspects as much as possible.

I'd love to add some dynamic features to the maps such as drifting clouds and flocks of birds. These could be done as separate layers which sit above the base map image. Maybe some rainy afternoon...