NYC Encounters

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Susanna and I spent the Christmas and New Year period in New York City staying with the the wonderful Libby and Phillip. Libby is a long time friend of Susanna's from New Zealand who's been studying in NYC for many years now.

On one of our first mornings in NYC we were walking out the door of Good Enough to Eat after a delicious brunch when I hear "Menno?". By freak coincidence Seth Vidal and his partner in crime Eunice were walking in the door at the same time as we were leaving. Seth and I used to work together a lot on the Yum project. I don't live in NYC and neither does he, but some how we end up at the same place in a huge city at the same time. A super weird but pleasant surprise. Seth describes the incident on his blog.

The remainer of our visit didn't offer any more strange co-incidences but we had excellent fun. I caught up with Rohan, Susan and Jon one afternoon which was awesome. Thanks Rohan for showing us some sights (McSorely's is a must-do experience).

As always, photos to come...