IMAPClient 0.9 released

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I'm pleased to announce version 0.9 of IMAPClient, the easy-to-use and Pythonic IMAP client library.

Highlights for this release:

  • Support for Gmail's label API. Thanks to Brian Neal for the patches for this.
  • Significant cleanup and refactoring in preparation for Python 3 compatibility.
  • The "livetest" module can now be safely used against IMAP accounts with real data. Previously it could only be used with dummy accounts due to the destructive nature of the tests.
  • Fixed handling of IMAP servers that return all-digit folder name without quotes. Thanks to Rhett Garber for the bug report.
  • Much improved test coverage (again, in preparation for Python 3 support)
  • Fixed rename live test so that it uses folder namespaces
  • Parse STATUS responses robustly - fixes folder_status() with MS Exchange.
  • Numerous livetest fixes to work around oddities with the MS Exchange IMAP implementation.

The NEWS file and manual have more details on all of the above.

As always, IMAPClient can be installed from PyPI (pip install imapclient) or downloaded from the IMAPClient site.

The main focus of the next release (0.10) will be Python 3 support as this is easily the most requested feature. Watch this space for more news on this.