Photos, photos, photos


I've posted heaps of photos over the last week. Here's the summary.

  • Our camping road trip from London to Ukraine and back last summer.
  • Bestival 2007
  • New York last Christmas and NYE.
  • Our visit to Bletchley Park yesterday. As well as having lots of facinating exhibits about code breaking and the infamous Enigma, the site is also the home of the National Museum of Computing. It's filled with historic computer hardware from the first programmable digital computer onwards. Highly recommennded to anyone with an interest in computing.
  • Today's Olympic Torch run through London. We watch it near City Hall. It was freezing cold and still snowing slightly but plenty of people still turned out. There were a large number of Chinese supporters as well as many pro-Tibet protestors. Police ran with the torch bearer, completely surrounding the runner. Pro-Tibet chanting and booing was drowned out most of the cheering. The pro-Tibet message was pretty clear.


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